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00 Welcome

Welcome to our online program aimed at giving you a good foundation of Bitcoin, understanding its value proposition and ultimately understanding for yourself whether it is halal or haram. This topic is very controversial as there have been a number of fataawah from various scholars saying conflicting things. Some say Halal, some say Haram and some even say "I don't know". The aim of this 56 part blog series is to take you on a journey of understanding, giving you the tools to comprehend the topic so that ultimately, you will see for yourself why we feel that Bitcoin is not only Halal, but more Halal that the money we currently have and use today.

How should I read your blog thread?

We've make each blog in sequence, starting from first principles and working our way up. Each blog is essentially labeled starting with a number (this welcome page being 00), and that way you will always be able to see which is next and which came before. However, in saying that, we did try to make each blog entry self sufficient, not needing knowledge of what came before. We tried to make them address each topic on its own, so feel free to skip to whichever part you feel interests you.

Where can I find more information than you're giving?

With each blog post, we include Footnotes and Further Reading sections. This is for those who wish to either check what we've said, or dig deeper. Feel free to click on any link or go further down the rabbit hole. Bitcoin is actually a simple topic, but because it's so new and out of the ordinary, it can be difficult to grab the full magnitude of what's being said sometimes. With certain topics, to fully grasp it literally just takes time. So we hope that you enjoy what we've presented here.

Also, we delivered a 4 week workshop that you may be interested in, please refer to our products page for more details. In that we have over 32 hours worth of videos, questions, answers and material for you to benefit from.


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Further Reading

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