18 The Fungibility Of Money

18 The Fungibility Of Money

Fungibility means ‘Each unit is exactly the same as any other’
Money Type Score (5) Why
Debt 2 No two debts are really the same and hard to quantify
Commodities /Items 3 Generally items used for money tend to be fungible, like rice, wheat, dates, sea shells, but their fungibility is very weak. We have different quality rice, dates, sea shells tend to be near the same size but not exactly
Gold/Silver 5 These two are both elements, and infinitely mailable. Gold is gold, no matter what they shape, weight or size.
Fiat 5 They are made to be identical, as its value is determined by whats written on it, not the quality fo the paper.
Bitcoin 5 Bitcoin is just data, and has no physical form. Therefore, 1BTC = 1BTC 100%.


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