22 The Scarcity Of Money

22 The Scarcity Of Money

This covers how rare the item is used to keep track of value. If something is abundant, it wouldn’t be good at keeping track of value.
Money Type Score (5) Why
Debt N/A Debt is raw information and is not defined by a unit nor limited in anyway. Anyone can issue a debt, and its value is defined by the one who made the promise to pay it back
Commodities /Items 3 By there very nature, they can be made. Sometimes it may be harder than other things, but this type of money that has been used has some scarcity, but there is no absolute scarcity
Gold /Silver 4 Because one can only find gold and silver and not make it, it makes this type of money a lot more scarce than items that can be made. But in reality, there is effectively an infinite supply of gold and silver in creation, the only limiting factor is the effort needed to find it. The more the price of them goes up, the people will eventually find.
Fiat 1 They are only limited by law, and not in reality. They can be printed to oblivion if the need arises.
Bitcoin 5 The most scarce thing mankind has ever known. There will only ever be less than 21 million Bitcion, and there is nothing any individual or country can do about it.


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