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If you wish to have a phone consultation regarding anything related to Bitcoin, cryptocurrency, investments or have any question about an Islamic affair, we have this service available for you. If you have a simple question that isn’t urgent and would be happy to receive the reply online in writing, or wish to just reach out to us for other reasons, then you can contact us on the contact form below, Written Question. If your question is more urgent and/or requires a phone conversation, then choose one of the two products here. Once the payment is made and we’ve received your telephone number and email, we’ll contact you with regards to a time and date of your consultation.

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Questions & Consultation

With our many years of teaching and consulting individuals about Cryptocurrencies, Investment, and Islamic matters, we provide for you this unique service.

Urgent Help

Casual Question

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General ContactFREE
Question/ Fatwa£150.00
Urgent Assistance£250.00+

Required Need

Have a casual question, and it's not that important
I have a specific question that I need answered for myself, but it isn't urgent
I have an Emergency and require a call back ASAP

What will happen

Your question may be answered publicly, or be directed to the answer online.
You will be contacted by phone within 7 days.
You will be contacted by phone within 48 hours


Written response
Up to 30min phone call
Up to 1hr phone call


Answer made public

(After details anonymised)
Private & Confidential
Private & Confidential

Experienced Advice

How much does qualified experienced advice mean to you?