Crypto FundamentalsGiving you a firm grasp on Crypto


Step 1: Practical Education

This website will provide material to help one learn about cryptocurrencies, from the ground up. The main challenge people face is understanding the fundamentals and their primary use cases.

Step 2: Meaningful Implementation

The next stage, after learning what is crypto, is to learn how crypto can improve the lives of mankind, either immediately or for their future. Think of it like this, learning how to send emails when most people are still sending faxes.

Step 3: What Comes Next

At this stage, the only thing left is to implement what has been learnt on ones self, as actions comes after knowledge. This stage will define how you fit into the cryptoverse, from how to spend it, earn it, invest it, and the list goes on.

Let’s Begin


For all of those who genuinely want to know what this global phenomenon called ‘Bitcoin’, there are three questions that need to be answered.

Why do we need Bitcoin for anything when we have what we have?

How does the ‘system’ work? And what did ‘Bitcoin’ achieve.

What is it? If its even a ‘thing’ and are their any parallels we can draw between it and what we already know and have? Or is it something completely different?

With these three questions we will make the case for Bitcoin. As for the Islamic question of whether it is ‘halal’ or not, that will be dealt with in the Islamic Guidance section of our website, but we highly recommend you understand what bitcoin is before delving into that as:


حكم الشيء فرع عن تصوره

Having an islamic opinion on something is dependant upon your mental perception of what it is.

If you don’t understand the Why, How and What of Bitcoin, you can never understand whether it is halal or not.

So with that introduction out of the way, lets begin.

Why does Bitcoin exist

Step 1

The ‘Why’ of Bitcoin
Here we’ll cover all the reasons why you should consider using Bitcoin


History of Money

Our current system of Money

The latest technology of Money

Step 2

The ‘How’ of Bitcoin
In this module we’ll cover how the system of Bitcoin & Blockchain works


Bitcoin a means of communication

Consensus, Qur’aan & Bitcoin

Mining & Network Security

Understanding How Bitcoin Works


Step 3

The ‘What’ of Bitcoin
In this section we’ll be discussing what a ‘Bitcoin’ is, and how Bitcoin compares to other forms of money.


Properties of Money

Money Showdown

Asset, Currency, Money or Nothing

What’s Next?

Now that we know the above, we now need ask the question of whether Bitcoin Is halal. Below is a short Podcast seeking to answer this very question.

More In Depth Look?

For a more in depth look into the Islamic discussion on the Permissibility of Bitcoin, click the following link
Islamic Discussion On BitcoinIs it Halal?