Loans and Ribaa

One of the greatest religious educators and scholars of our time, Shaykh Muhammad ibn Saalih al-Uthaimeen, authored a short concise booklet on the different types and ways in which one can give and receive a loan, and the ruling of each type. It is necessary in this space of currencies, investment, and making money, to understanding how legitimate loans take place and what types of loans constitute Ribaa. So this article I will attempt to translate the key points mentioned in this book regarding these various types, and the ruling the shaykh gave to each, and I will attempt to give modern day parallels where necessary to demonstrate how these contracts take place regularly all around us. All direct translations from the shaykh will be coloured, and my additions will be in black.

The book I am partially translating is called:


Which translates to ‘lending’, and it was published 1423H which coincides with 2002 by the publishers Dar alWatan.

We have only chosen to translate the parts referring to the different types of lending, and the section where he dedicated to the prohibition and evil of Ribaa can be found here.

Money Lending

Islam has come to mankind with a clear guidance for all avenues of life, such as affairs of worship, like praying, fasting and performing the Hajj to affairs of social interactions, such as marriage, divorce, buying, selling, and the topic of this article, lending. Islam takes a very strict approach regarding money lending and how that contract between two people plays out. We are going to explore the various scenarios of lending money.

Tap on the scenarios to reveal the details.

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