The pain in the alt forest

This mans face expresses the pain we all feel when we venture out into the alt forest, only to see BTC pump 15% in a day.

There is no top

It takes a while to realise that buying Bitcoin, so that one can ‘sell’ it at some later date for fiat again, just demonstrates that one has not understood what Bitcoin really is and what it does for you.

I’m in it for the tech

This meme is funny because there is that funny dualism whereby we love the tech, we love what Bitcoin is doing for the world, decentralisation, empowering the people, etc, but we cant deny that we get all giddy when it pumps 50% in a month, lol.

It’s all good for Bitcoin

Bitcoin is about being beaten, punched, kicked, until it can’t be beaten anymore, and then it can’t be beaten.

The orange pill

This captured the situation that is with all Noobs and visionaries. When you start to realise that Bitcoin is not about getting more Fiat.